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About Our Company

First Classic Carpet

In 1980, we officially started working in the work of makaini carpet sand in Iran and Iraq, during 10 years of working in this field, we got a good experience and became a wake-up, in The field of producing carpets has been very advanced in Iran, which we were able to put two factories to produce carpets and to produce carpet sagittals, we started importing carpets from Iran to Iraq and Afghanistan in a while, in the year In 1998, we established the first makaincarpet factory in the Iraqi Kurdistan city of Erbil, and then we started selling carpets through the exhibition. We have established four exhibitions in Kurdistan in a while, One of in Masif Salahaddin Second in Erbil third in Duhok fourth in Mirgasor We started selling and we are continuing in this field We work in our exhibitions with 10 main Iranian companies in producing make-up carpets and handmade carpets In our exhibitions, we get all kinds of carpets (silk, turk, acolyk Etc.) we can provide all kinds of carpets, we are proud of ourselves that we can put and draw what we have in the dreams of customers on carpets, until the sun in the field of paintings and carpets we are the first and the first pioneer sinine in this work

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